Latest News

Cuba: During their visit in February, Pastors Dale and Jeanne were blessed to deliver gifts from NHMI supporters to Pastor Rene and his family.  Neicy and Melissa were excited to receive new puppets for the children’s ministry.  Larisa ministers in the streets of Havana in her new clown costume.  Pastor Rene’s church is blessed by their new guitar.  

Pastors Dale and Jeanne were witnessed some of the tornado damage in Havana, Cuba.


Supplies for those affected by the tornado were continuously delivered to, sorted by, and distributed by Pastor Rene’s church during their visit.

Tanzania: The cashew seedlings are ready to be transplanted. The government provided the cashew trees for Pastor Laban’s workers to transplant, care for, and harvest. Your support pays the workers until the harvest when the government will process and market them. This will provide much needed financial support for the ministry and people.

It is the rainy season, which means that the agricultural project is top priority.  They have just harvested mangos.  Thanks to you support, they are also planting ten acres of cashews, maize, sunflower, beans, and groundnuts.  The crops will be sold to support the ministry in Tanzania.

After a year of work and planning, a new medical dispensary was officially registered and licensed in Dar es Salaam in March of 2019.  Pastor Laban writes, “The idea of starting a dispensary was born soon after one of my young pastors whose studies we supported graduated as an assistant doctor, we saw the need and applied to the authorities i.e Ministry of health in Dar es salaam and got it registered under New Harvest Ministries. We are using a rented neighboring house and services are given by charge to purchase medicine and pay the staff.”  This new dispensary provides healthcare for those in need in Dar es Salaam.

Pastor Laban and NHMI Tanzania supports families in Mpanda and the Nyargusu refugee camp who have chosen to take orphans into their homes to care for them. Below is a photo of some of the orphans in the Nyargusu camp. 

India: The Puthukudi church has completed construction and the Sriviliputhur church shell is up!  They only need $1,450 to complete construction!  Praise the Lord for His generous provision and blessings!