Latest News

India: Many gave their lives to the Lord during the one-day conference that Pastor Edwin held in the state of Haryana.  The Lord has also blessed him with a teaching job at a private school. Please pray for his family as they minister to this mostly unreached area, and for the Lord to provide land there for a new bore well. The bore well will provide more opportunities to share the Gospel.

The Puthukudi church has completed construction and the Sriviliputhur church shell is up!  Praise the Lord for His generous provision and blessings!  

Tanzania: The cashew seedlings are ready to be transplanted. The government provided the cashew trees for Pastor Laban’s workers to transplant, care for, and harvest. Your support pays the workers until the harvest when the government will process and market them. This will provide much needed financial support for the ministry and people.

It is the rainy season, which means that the agricultural project is top priority.  They have just harvested mangos.  Thanks to you support, they are also planting ten acres of cashews, maize, sunflower, beans, and groundnuts.  The crops will be sold to support the ministry in Tanzania.

Pastor Laban’s church at Mpanda recently had their annual Children’s Sunday. The children filled the building with their joy, singing, and dancing.

On January 6, 2019, Pastor Laban was blessed to visit the New Harvest Church at Dar es Salaam to ordain Pastor James who will lead this growing church.  They hope to complete construction of their brick building soon in order to move out of the tent structure that they have been meeting in.