Latest News

India: Pastor Edwin is looking at a parcel of land across from this future school as a potential site for a new church and well for his growing young church in Odahn, Haryana state.  Please pray for Lord’s guidance and provision.

Construction on the conference grounds center is progressing.  The foundation is completed and they are installing boundary pillars and walls.

A small village near the eastern shore of India now has access to fresh water, thanks to your sacrificial giving. At the Iszler Well dedication ceremony, Pastors David and John taught the villagers that we must be new vessels for the Lord to fill us with new life, in reference to Mark 2:22. Many responded to the Gospel, asking the Lord to replace their old sinful natures with eternal life. They also asked Pastors David and John to return to their village. They are anxious for a church where they can receive more of the Word of God.

Tanzania: Pastor Laban’s church construction is progressing.  The gate in front is updated with the cross of Christ, showing all who pass by that hope is available within.  The new open air meeting platform is roofed.  The sound equipment has been checked and is ready to broadcast the Gospel throughout the village.

The annual pastors & leadership conference, now known as the New Harvest Shiloh Conference, was held October 16-20. A total of 266 pastors and leaders stayed in a “camp” to attend all of the events and training sessions. They began at 6:00 a.m. with prayer, held gatherings and trainings throughout the day, and ended with crusades and open air meetings, concluding at 8:30 p.m. A women’s conference was added to the agenda, which will be a regular event. There were 4,000 attendees at the evening open air meetings. Thirty-eight people accepted salvation.

The church in Burundi is also progressing.  The walls and roof are up.  The church currently gathers in a tent inside the structure.  Once completed, the building will hold 600 worshipers.  It is one of six growing churches in Burundi.

New Harvest Bible College in Tanzania graduated 117 students on October 20, 2019.  They are now prepared to bring the Lord’s harvest and are being sent out into the mission field.

Cuba: During their visit in February, Pastors Dale and Jeanne witnessed some of the tornado damage in Havana, Cuba.


Supplies for those affected by the tornado were continuously delivered to, sorted by, and distributed by Pastor Rene’s church during their visit.