Latest News

India: The Puthukudi church Sriviliputhur churches are complete!  Praise the Lord for His generous provision and blessings!  

A small village near the eastern shore of India now has access to fresh water, thanks to your sacrificial giving. At the Iszler Well dedication ceremony, Pastors David and John taught the villagers that we must be new vessels for the Lord to fill us with new life, in reference to Mark 2:22. Many responded to the Gospel, asking the Lord to replace their old sinful natures with eternal life. They also asked Pastors David and John to return to their village. They are anxious for a church where they can receive more of the Word of God.

Tanzania: Pastor Laban recently held his second annual youth conference.  It was life-changing for many.  The Holy Spirit was powerfully present and active, healing and renewing.

After a year of work and planning, a new medical dispensary was officially registered and licensed in Dar es Salaam in March of 2019.  Pastor Laban writes, “The idea of starting a dispensary was born soon after one of my young pastors whose studies we supported graduated as an assistant doctor, we saw the need and applied to the authorities i.e Ministry of health in Dar es salaam and got it registered under New Harvest Ministries. We are using a rented neighboring house and services are given by charge to purchase medicine and pay the staff.”  This new dispensary provides healthcare for those in need in Mpanda.

A church recently sent us two large boxes of medical supplies. They will be forwarded to the health clinic in Tanzania and to Cuba for Pastor Rene to distribute to healthcare workers. Praise the Lord for how He provides!

Cuba: During their visit in February, Pastors Dale and Jeanne witnessed some of the tornado damage in Havana, Cuba.


Supplies for those affected by the tornado were continuously delivered to, sorted by, and distributed by Pastor Rene’s church during their visit.