Latest News

Tanzania: Graduation ceremonies for New Harvest Bible College Tanzania were held on November 18, 2018.  Eighty-eight students earned their one-year certificates by completing three trimesters of classes.  Thirty-one students earned diplomas for completing two years of classes.  They are trained and ready to begin bringing in the Lord’s harvest.

Baptisms took place the weekend before Christmas.  Pastor Laban provided these photos of the exciting day.

It is the rainy season, which means that the agricultural project is top priority.  They have just harvested mangos.  Thanks to you support, they are also planting ten acres of cashews, maize, sunflower, beans, and groundnuts.  The crops will be sold to support the ministry in Tanzania.

India: The church at Puthukudi has been in need of expansion for some time.  The fast growing church family had exceeded the limitations of the prayer house that was first built on the sight.  Thanks to you and the supporters of For His Glory Ministry, Pastor David was able to complete construction!  Painting and electrical work are being finished and the building will be dedicated on December 27, 2018!  Praise the LORD!

Pastor Edwin’s new church in northern India celebrated baptisms on September 23. Five people who previously worshipped idols were baptized! One of the men offers his small home for the church meetings. They are in desperate need of a prayer house to hold this fast growing church family.

Cuba: The Bible college recently accepted more than 1,200 new students.  Praise God for these new workers for the harvest!

Photos: On a recent trip to Cuba, NHMI friends Chris & Christina Burns were able to deliver a box of Spanish Bibles, that were donated by Manna Ministries, and a box of scrubs. Pastor Rene & Neicy will distribute the Bibles, and deliver the scrubs to the local hospital for the staff.