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Banquet: Thank you so much for blessing NHMI with a hugely successful banquet! We loved the opportunity to see you all and share our passion and God stories! We are overwhelmed by your generosity and God’s abundant love and faithfulness!


Zambia: Pastor Geoffrey reports that a cholera outbreak in Zambia has improved, but the government is being very strict to prevent it from spreading.  His church must meet health code requirements before they can meet and they are being threatened with heavy fines for failure to do so.

Ammie Bouwman and the supporters of her ministry For His Glory Ministry raised enough money for them to pour the cement floor within 24 hours!  We thank God for their partnership with NHMI and willingness to give for this great need!  Please visit to learn more about this Christ-centered ministry.

Torrential rains prevented them from installing the cement floor, so they promptly began building steel trusses for the roof. Funds are still needed to complete the church building before they will be allowed to hold services. If you can provide for the remaining $3,800, click on the "SUPPORT NEW HARVEST" button at the top of this page.

Tanzania: The Nyargusu Refugee Camp in Tanzania is under the care of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). The refugees in this "camp" live like prisoners, unable to leave the grounds or work.

In December, heavy rains caused the collapse of several homes as well as a church building where over 300 Christians worship. Pastor Laban sent these updated pictures of the church that is being rebuilt thanks to the generosity and sacrifice of NHMI supporters. He reports that the refugees are very grateful for the church that God is providing through NHMI. Thank you for blessing these brothers and sisters in Africa!

Cuba: Pastor René, his family, and the presbytery in Cuba are all safe after the hurricane! We will share more information when we can.  Please continue to pray for the recovery process.

The Bible college recently accepted more than 1,200 new students.  Praise God for these new workers for the harvest!

We have raised $1,520 toward our $50,000 goal to provide a safer home for Pastor Rene and Neicy!  This home will bring them closer to the hospital, which Neicy's heart issues require.  Please consider how you can help us get them home.

India: The courts have ordered that Pastor John Varghese's church in Colechel may continue to meet.  Thank you for your prayers in this matter.  Please continue to pray for the people who tried to stop their church services and the protection of the churches.  

Due to the size of the building, the government has limited the girls' orphanage to only six girls.  This means that seven of the 13 girls who previously lived there had to be sent away. Please consider helping them expand their building to provide care for more young girls who live at risk of abuse and hunger.

Tanzania: Graduation ceremonies for New Harvest Bible College Tanzania were held on October 22, 2017. One-year certificates were awarded to 33 students. who have completed three trimesters of classes, including New and Old Testament Survey, Praise and Worship, Power Evangelism, and Church Planting. Diplomas were earned by 21 students who have completed their two-year degrees. These students are required to complete two additional trimesters of classes including Developing Leaders, Spiritual Warfare, Ministering to Youth, and Biblical Eldership. Thank you for supporting the education of workers for the harvest!

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April 2018 - Newsletter