Our Projects

At New Harvest Ministries International Inc., we focus on various projects including drilling fresh water wells, pastor training, evangelism, building churches, working with orphans and so much more.  We have a large variety of current projects that you can be part of.  We would love to have you be part of the New Harvest team!

Fresh Water Wells
10,000 families in India enjoy clean, fresh water as a result of New Harvest Ministries providing wells in more than 100 villages. A new well site has been located and $3,000 is needed to drill the well.  This well will provide clean water to approximately 200 families.

Pastor Training
There are currently 7 branches of New Harvest Bible College operating across Tanzania. More than 1,000 graduates are establishing churches and evangelizing cities and villages in Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo.  Some of these colleges are in need of replacement equipment.

In India, over 1,200 pastors and evangelists have graduated from the Bible Colleges and are preaching and teaching the gospel. Special training seminars for pastors and leaders is also provided. A convention center for the annual gathering of churches and pastors is under construction and in need of funding.

Open air gospel meetings are held in cities, villages, and very remote areas across India, Tanzania and Zambia.  Over 200,000 souls have come to salvation in Jesus Christ through these meetings.  Funding is needed to transport our ministry partners to and from the meetings and rental of the facilities.

Orphans and Widows
Faith In Action Ministries of India runs a home for widows two orphanages, caring for 35 children in Tamil Nadu. Both orphanages are in need of a bus.

The Elizabeth Day School, in Dehradun, India, teaches 120 students Pre-K through 5th grade.  They are in need of a school bus.

Building churches 
A prayer house is currently under construction in Vasanthi Nagar, India, as well as a church in Ambai.

In Zambia, Pastor Geoffrey's church needs a new roof, doors, and windows.  New churches are also under construction. 

Seven new churches are being built in Tanzania, as well as some in Cuba.

Other Projects
Farming operations in Katumba, Tanzania, and India need funding.   They will help the ministries become self-sustaining.  (Tanzanian tree seedlings shown in photo)

Pastor Laban in Tanzania needs a ministry vehicle, and two bishops need motorbikes.  A house also needs to be built for Pastor Laban and Anna on recently purchased land across from their church. Their current home is a 45 minute drive from the church that they pastor and they do not own a car.


In Cuba, Pastor Rene's wife Neicy has been diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome.  They currently live 90 minutes away from the hospital and have been offered a home that is 20 minutes away.  $50,000 must be raised to make this possible.